Meet Daria Jarmel

Reiki Master

Daria Jarmel is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, sharing Reiki healing Energy for over 2 dozen years. A former practical nurse working in the holistic health field for over 35 years, her teaching practice is devoted to wellness care. Her teaching practice is devoted to wellness care, meditation, and helping people learn to heal themselves and others, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Daria has studied and been attuned by several Reiki Masters in the USA and from Japan, and her Reiki Master Certifications are all Traditional Usui Systems of Natural Healing.

For further information, or any questions on: All Levels of Reiki Classes and Workshops, Healing and Wellness Circles, or Private Individual Treatments,  Please feel free to contact Daria through the Vitality Center.

Peace ☮ , Love ♥ , Light ☀ , Laughter : )  & Music ♫♪ ,


Daria Jarmel's Schedule

Reiki Healing Circle – 2nd Thursday of Each Month – 7:30pm

Private Sessions by Appointment