Detoxify Healthy and Naturally

Alkaline Water

An alkaline filter not only cleans and filters impurities from your water, it allows you to change the pH. This can be beneficial for balancing out one’s internal pH. The recommended pH level should sit closer to 7.2-7.4 in our blood, but many of the foods we eat are very acidifying to the body, Alkaline water can help to rectify this imbalance.


Lipo-Light uses laser light at the proper nm (nanometers) frequency to stimulate fat cells to shed their contents. Fat cells store toxins. Imagining that your fat cells are like a nice full grape, the light will penetrate the tissues and stimulate that fat cell to open a pore and exude its contents, thus, it shrivels up like a raisin. Not only are you detoxifying the body by forcing the fat cells to excrete their contents, you are creating spot fat loss at the sight of the pads.
Usual sessions on the machine last for 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes on a shake plate or vibrational plate to move the lymph. The fat cell contents empty into our tissues and the lymph system is what drains that. Since our lymph system, like our veins, has poor pressure behind it, movement of muscles will help to pump the lymph. We use the shake plate combined with basic, easy exercises after treatment to carry the spent cellular contents out of the areas treated and flush them out of the body.
A few sessions may be required to see results but patients have seen a loss of 0.5-1.0″ in as little as one session.

Infrared Sauna

IR sauna uses infrared heat to open pores and force the body to shed toxins through the skin. The one we use is EMF-free. This is important because many saunas, due to the abundance of electrical current throughout all the IR panels, will create bad magnetic fields. This unit is free of such negative EMF.

Detox Footbath

Detox foot bath uses an imperceptible current in a small tub of distilled water into which salts are added. This will pull the toxins out of the body through the feet because a negative charge in the water draws the positively charged ions out of the body. It’s important to take a mineral supplement when doing something like this as the footbath doesn’t differentiate between good and bad ions. It’s normal to see the color of the water in a 20-30 minute session change from clear to orange, brown or green and sometimes even frothy, as the toxins leave your body through your feet.

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