Weight Loss

hCG Weight Loss

Based on the research of its creator, Dr. Simeon, the hCG diet is a regimented diet plan involving 3 phases. Our in house Medical Doctor handles intake and prescriptions while our weight loss specialists manage and oversee the unique dietary portion. Our patients have seen amazing results, averaging about 1-2 pounds per day loss. With our excellent team you will find the professional support to accomplish your goals.

Fat Freeze

The Photo Biotech ICE Cryo Body Contouring Machine freezes fat to eliminate fat cells through a process called Cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis is a procedure that works by destroying subcutaneous fat that is sensitive to temperature below freezing. Fat cells (adipocytes) disappear gradually through a process of inflammation, starting within a few days after the procedure and continuing in the months ahead.

Cryolipolysis has become a popular technique for treating problem fat areas such as belly fat and “love handles”. Furthermore, cryolipolysis is highly effective in reducing saddlebags, thigh circumference, fat layers in the hip area, back fat, arms, legs, and chin.

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We are naturally duel fuel burners: Glucose and Ketones. Unfortunately, due to the overabundance of carbohydrates available in our diets, plus the negative stigma that fats have erroneously received over the years, we have become extremely glucose-adapted. Ketones are a more effective, efficient and sustainable fuel source for the body compared the the ups and downs of glucose metabolism, but because of our glucose adaptation, it is very hard to get back into a state of fat burning, or ketosis. Traditionally, to get back to this state, it required the implementation of the often difficult ketogenic diet, which consists of high (good) fats, moderate protein and low carbs. The issue is, it is a difficult diet to maintain, it can take weeks to months to attain  ketosis and, once there, ingesting carbohydrates will knock you out of ketosis and it can take days or weeks to get back. Using the pure therapeutic ketones that are in the Keto//OS product line, you can skip the difficult ketogenic diet and shortcut your way back into healthy ketosis in 30-60 minutes! While using this product, many people have noticed a variety of amazing benefits, including:

Fat Loss
Muscle Preservation
Fast and Sustained Energy
Reduced Brain Fog
Increased Focus
Appetite Suppression
Strength Gain
Improved Post-Exercise Recovery
Better Mood
Better Sleep
Better Digestion
Clear Skin

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