Meet Kyle Collier

Fascial Stretch Therapy Practitioner
Kyle’s journey from Personal Trainer to Soft-tissue specialist has been an interesting one. Studying martial arts from an early age, he grew to love Muay Thai and multiple styles of Jiu Jitsu to name a few. After years of honing his craft through school and with martial arts he competed in a few tournaments and won a Gold medal and “Fight of the Year.” Unfortunately, he also suffered numerous injuries along the way which led him to a paradigm shift in my approach to physical recovery and wellness. He discovered the effects of Fascial Stretching and realized that working with this style of healing was his true calling. His goal is to help people relieve pain and function normally again. He started his own practice as Honey Badger Fitness and Wellness and has a team of therapists who help with my practice. His philosophy is live well, move free.

Kyle Collier's Schedule

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