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Fat Freezing to Eliminate Fat Cells

The Photo Biotech ICE treatment process involves a fatty area of the body being sucked into a suction cup-type device and cooled. Different shapes of suction cup and different programming in the machine are used for different areas of the body. Typically, an individual treatment lasts under one hour for each part of the body being treated and involves two treatments, eight weeks apart. The number and duration of treatments vary.

Cryolipolysis is the term for using cryogenics to induce lipolysis. Adipose tissue is cooled causing localized cell death and inflammation. The degree of exposure to cooling causes the apoptosis (cell death) of subcutaneous fat tissue, without apparent damage to the overlying skin, for a non-invasive, localized reduction of fat deposits, in order to reshape the contours of the body.


The fat-freezing procedure actually reduces the number of fat cells in treated areas by about 20% to 25%. And up to 38% overtime* These fat cells are naturally processed and eliminated, so they won’t migrate to another area of your body. And, unlike what happens with other procedures, there’s no change to fat cells in untreated areas. *


Freezing Adipose Tissue Safely Elimiinates Fat

Cryolipolysis is a procedure that works by destroying subcutaneous fat that is sensitive to temperature below freezing. Fat cells (adipocytes) disappear gradually through a process of inflammation, starting within a few days after the procedure and continuing in the months ahead. The procedure is called cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis has become a popular technique for treating problem fat areas such as belly fat and “love handles”. Furthermore, cryolipolysis highly effective in reducing saddlebags, thigh circumference, fat layers in the hip area, back fat, arms, legs, and chin.

Cryolipolysis has generally mild and temporary side effects, with no serious complications with minimal or no pain. Redness and warmth (erythema) in the treated area resolved after an average of 15 hours. While most patients were satisfied with the results of cryolipolysis for treatment of fat cell reduction, 90 percent said they would recommend the procedure to their friends and more than 80 percent undergo another cryolipolysis session on another body area.

Photo Biotech ICE Cryolipolysis Fat Targeting Zones

It is intended to affect the appearance of:

  • fat under the buttocks
    (also known as banana roll).
  • flanks (also known as love handles)
  • double chins
  • thighs
  • abdomen
  • bra fat
  • back fat

It is not a treatment for obesity or a weight loss solution and it does not replace traditional methods such as diet and exercise.




Apply Coolshaping applicator at the target area, start cryo-cooling to reach a target temperature.



The fat cells in the target area begin responding to cryo-crystallization.


30 Days

Metabolism process
Following the treatment fat cells reach a biological death and removed by metabolism process.


90 Days

Eliminated cells
The fat cells are eliminated.

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Fat Freeze Scheduling

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