Here are just a few remedies and shields to boost your immune system, lower inflammation and prevent the flu!

Apple Cider Vinegar
– When healthy, take 1tbsp in warm water daily
– When sick/getting sick, take 1tbsp in warm water 2-4x/.day

Immune Complex
– When healthy, 3 capsules daily
– When sick/getting sick, can increase to 3 capsules 2-3X/day

– When healthy, take 1-2 oz./day
– When sick/getting sick, take 1-2 oz. 2-3x/day

– When sick/getting sick only
– Take as directed
– Take for up to 2 weeks straight, and then discontinue for at least 1-2 weeks
– Is ok if is combined with GoldenSeal

Oil of Oregano
– Take as directed
– Can be taken when healthy and/or when sick/getting sick

Essential Defense
– When starting to get sick, take 2 pills, every 30-60 minutes for 24 hours